Marla Landers

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Marla Landers
Marla Landers
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Introduced Vegas in Space
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Role Officer, Earth Defense Directorate
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Portrayed by Juanin Clay
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Marla Landers in the separate continuity
Marla Landers in the primary continuity
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Major Marla Landers is a officer in the Earth Defense Directorate in 2491 CE. A no-nonsense professional, she exhibits many of the same characteristics and skill sets as Col. Wilma Deering.

Landers participates in a mission with William "Buck" Rogers on Sinaloa to rescue Felina Redding, who has vital information for the Directorate (BR25: "Vegas in Space").


  • Actress Juanin Clay was cast as Erin Gray's replacement for Wilma Deering in the series, before Gray decided to reverse her decision and join the series following her participation in the film.