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Dr. Theopolis
Dr. Theopolis
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Role Environmental controller of New Chicago
Advisor to Dr. Elias Huer
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Portrayed by Howard F. Flynn (voice) (BR25Film)
Eric Server (voice) (BR25: "Season 1").
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Dr. Theopolis in the separate continuity
Dr. Theopolis in the primary continuity
[[Image:|200px|Dr. Theopolis]]

Good morning, Dr. Theopolis. It's a lovely day.
Thank you, I did my best.
Dr. Theopolis here is a member of our Computer Council. And in addition to other things, he's personally responsible for all our environmental controls here within the Inner City.
I'm introducing a pale hint of mauve into the sunset this evening. Not so deep as an amethyst, but the more subtle burned texture of cinnamon.
Well, how nice!

 — Dr. Elias Huer's and Dr. Theopolis' exchange during Theopolis' introduction to William "Buck" Rogers, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "Awakening"

Doctor Theopolis (Theo) is a member of the Earth's Computer Council in the 25th century. Theo is known for his logical and thoughtful approach and, unlike other of his computerized class, holds humans in high regard. His primary function is as an intermediary between the Computer Council, Doctor Elias Huer, and select members of the Earth Defense Directorate. Amongst his other duties, he is also responsible for the environmental control within New Chicago.

Due to Theopolis' lack of built in ambulatory features, he is carried by a drone-type ambuquad, Twiki.

In 2491, Theopolis debriefs William "Buck" Rogers following his return to Earth in Ranger 3. Following his debriefing, Theopolis acts as Rogers' defense from charges brought up by the Computer Council after discovering the Draconian transmitter aboard his craft. Despite his logical assumption that they would find him innocent, he is astonished when his fellow Concil members find Rogers guilty of treason and sentence him for execution (BR25: "Awakening").