Draconian-Earth Cold War

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The Draconian-Earth Cold War[1] is a conflict between the Draconian Empire and the Earth Federation between 2491 to 2492 CE.

In his quest to expand the Realm, Emperor Draco dispatches his daughter, Princess Ardala, and Earth ex-patriot Kane, to perform various campaigns of piracy against vital trade routes. This is for the express desire to soften Earth's resolve by the constriction of needed resources, as well as to present a faux trade treaty, presenting the "pirates" as a third-party (BR25Film, "Awakening").

This duplicitous overture is thwarted by William "Buck" Rogers, leading to multiple stand-offs throughout this time period (BR25Film, "Awakening", "Escape from Wedded Bliss", "Ardala Returns", "Flight of the War Witch, Part I").

This cold war ended following a tenuous peace following the intervention of the Pendarans, who sought both parties assistance in their battle against the Zaad (BR25: "Flight of the War Witch, Part II").



  1. This is a Buck Wiki descriptive term.