Edna Rogers

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Edna Rogers
Edna Rogers
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Introduced The Guardians
Death Sometime after World War III began, c. 1987[1]
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Children "Buck", Frank† (sons)
Marilyn† (daughter); at least five total[2]
Marital Status Married, James
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Portrayed by Rosemary De Camp
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Edna Rogers in the separate continuity
Edna Rogers in the primary continuity
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Edna Rogers[3] is William "Buck" Rogers's mother, residing near Chicago, Illinois in 1987 CE.

Prior to his departure from Earth aboard Ranger 3, William Rogers stays at his parents' home for two weeks while on furlough, a fact revisited in 2492 CE due to the power of the Jade Box (BR25: "The Guardians").

Along with her husband James and at least two of their children, Frank and Marilyn, she is buried in a cemetery near State Street, with the only marker being a headstone with the names of the quartet of Rogers who were buried there. She died as a result of World War III, and William Rogers discovers his mother's fate during his investigation of Anarchia (BR25Film, "Awakening").


  1. The exact date is unknown as information was lost during the resultant holocaust.
  2. In William "Buck" Rogers's statement to Theopolis, he mentions that he left behind "brothers, sisters" in the plural form. It suggests that they were alive also before he left in 1987 CE.
  3. Her first name is derived from the tombstone near the State Street cemetery, seen in both the film and "Awakening."