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This is a compilation of errata relating to continuity, visualization, or other irreconcilable "real world" incongruities in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.


Use slideshow below to review photos (when called out in the following list):
  • [c.f. Photo 1A & 1B]: When Twiki places Dr. Theopolis on the desk before buck, many things are changed, as the shot was done in a different location entirely. In fact, it is the room where Rogers is later held after he is sentenced to death for high treason, just dressed with a desk. To wit:
    1. The red horizontal "mood stripe" lighting around the room is missing.
    2. A keypad is on the desk, coming from nowhere.
    3. The desk is different; it is not curved.
    4. The black chair is missing.
  • [c.f. Photo 2]: Col. Wilma Deering's helmet intermittently has "Col. Deering" lettered on the side of her helmet, particularly as she launches from Draconia during the faux pirate attack staged by Princess Ardala. In other scenes, particularly after launch, the lettering isn't present.
  • [c.f. Photo 3]: When Deering retrieves her personalized helmet from the top of the slide-canopy cover, a hand-written sign (located where instrumentation should be) is seen, along with a blank instrumentation panel. This sign has "Please!" written in red marker, with "Do Not Stand" partially readable in black marker, placed as a note for actors so as to prevent the set piece from being damaged while in use.
  • [c.f. Photo 4A & 4B]: The shot where Rogers comes across the first gravestone in the cemetery is a flipped version of the scene where Rogers comes across his family's gravestone during his explorations of Anarchia. The tell-tale sign is the mirror-image of his patch, which is incorrectly oriented in the first shot.
  • [c.f. Photo 6]: Pyrotechnics on the set during Draconia's attack on Earth illuminate the confines of the soundstage, as well as illustrate the framed wood structure suspended as a "ceiling", and even illuminates the stair way to the right.

Planet of the Slave Girls

Use slideshow below to review photos (when called out in the following list):
  • [c.f. Photo 3]: When Wilma Deering types into the keyboard of the computer console in Kaleel's command center, either the actress of hand double is wearing her red jumpsuit, although Deering herself is seen wearing a purple worker dress.
  • [c.f. Photo 4]: After talking to Maj. Duke Danton, Dr. Elias Huer sits in his office chair and, as the camera pans out, one can see an unfinished mess of wires leading out from the desk, in addition to two wood wedges under the chair to prevent it from moving.


Vegas in Space