Sea of Stone

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The mountain where Kaleel's base of operations resides in Vistula's Sea of Stone (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").

What's that barren area?
It's a huge desert. Vistula's first inhabitants called it the Sea of Stone. Nothing of any consequence can grow there.

The Sea of Stone is the large swath of desert on Vistula, aptly named by Vistula's first inhabitants.

Since approximately 2480 CE, Vistula's nomads, who toil under Kaleel while converting them into his private army of zealots, maintain and harvest the vegetable protein for use in food discs sent to Earth. Kaleel and the nomads reside inside of a large mountain away from the central hub, where the food is processed and distributed.

It is also in this large swath of barren area where Kaleel houses his assemblage of Scorpion fighters in open fields, later discovered in 2491 CE by Maj. Duke Danton and Capt. William "Buck" Rogers.

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