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Birth place Vistula
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Introduced Planet of the Slave Girls
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Siblings At least 1 brother (deceased)
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Marital Status Romantic relations with Regis Saroyan
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Role Laborer in the Governor's Statehouse
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Portrayed by Brianne Leary
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Ryma in the separate continuity
Ryma in the primary continuity

Ryma is a Vistulan of the Sea of Stone, and as such is born into a life of slavery under Kaleel. Early in her life, she is sold to Governor Tabor Saroyan to serve at the pleasure of those who stay at the Governor's Statehouse, and during this time befriends his son, Regis Saroyan. Unlike most of the denizens of the Sea of Stone, she is immune to Kaleel's "sorcery," having a keen perception of the actual truths of her existence, and thus joins a loose underground resistance to Kaleel.

During their early years at the Statehouse, Regis and Ryma's relationship blossoms into a romance. Spurred by the ongoing slavery on Vistula and his inability to do anything about it, Regis enrolls in the Earth Defense Directorate's cadet corps. This leaves Ryma alone and as equally powerless, for her own people have been gaslit into believing Kaleel is their savior from the victimization by Earth's Terrans.

Struggle for Vistula

In 2491 CE, her brother uncovers Kaleel's poisoning of food discs meant for New Chicago at Processing Plant 347, but Julio has him killed before she is able to learn more, a fact that she is aware of.

Her chance to do something about her people's plight comes in the form of William "Buck" Rogers, who accompanies Regis on his return home, with an honor guard consisting of Col. Wilma Deering, Maj. Duke Danton and Maj. Fields. Following a banquet celebrating Regis' return, where Rogers defends Ryma after she accidentally spills a drink on him, Ryma is sent to Rogers' lodgings as a comfort woman. It is there that she takes the opportunity to divulge what she knows to Rogers.

Acting on this information, Rogers exits his lodgings to investigates Plant 347 and subsequently is able to uncover the source of the poison, but Ryma's duplicity is discovered by Julio who has her—and Col. Deering, who attempts to intervene—taken to Kaleel's fortress in the Sea of Stone.

Ryma is brought before Kaleel after helping Deering escape following their disembarkment from their shuttle. Kaleel questions her and reveals that she has been blamed for her own brother's death, and that she should be put to death as well. However, Ryma proudly declares that she is not afraid of him, and discovers the Achilles' heel to Kaleel's "Kiss of Death." Firmly irritated at the display impotence, he has her sent to the pit to die.

Deering's freedom is short lived, and her contamination detector is used by Stella Warden to lure Rogers into a trap; despite this, Rogers is able to engineer their escape from the pit, and Ryma encourages the small group of Kaleel's resistance fighters to rise up against Kaleel during the Battle of Vistula.

Ryma is able to help reveal Kaleel for what he really is, and returns to Earth with the Saroyans following Kaleel's defeat. The elder Saroyan realizes that he has been made to look like a fool for many years, and realizes that both his son and Ryma have much to offer in making Vistula a greater world (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").