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Name Emperor Draco, Conqueror of Space, Warlord of Astrium, ruler of the Draconian Realm
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Nickname King Draco
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Children 30 daughters, including Ardala
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Portrayed by Joseph Wiseman
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Draco in the separate continuity
Draco in the primary continuity

Emperor Draco, Conqueror of Space, Warlord of Astrium, Ruler of the Draconian Realm, is the title of the ruler of the Draconian Empire. He oversees a realm that comprises over 75% of the known galaxy, and a pantheon of 30 daughters that include Princess Ardala.

During the attempted invasion of Earth, Draco appears on Draconia's bridge via hologram, to reprimand Kane on his premature attack as Draco's attack forces are still hours away (BR25Film).