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Image: BR25 - Twiki Sneaks a Look at Ardala's Fleeing Shuttle.png

Caption: Twiki sneaks a look at Ardala's fleeing shuttle following Draconia's destruction (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Image: BR25 - Deering and Rogers Overlook New Chicago.png

Caption: Wilma Deering and William "Buck" Rogers on an overlook from the top of a building, overseeing the expansive city of New Chicago (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Image: BR25 - Draco - Film.png

Caption: King Draco appears to Kane as a hologram to scold him for their premature attack on Earth (BR25Film).

Image: BR25 - Ambuquads - Cruise Ship to the Stars.jpg

Caption: Twiki and Tina aboard Lyran Queen (BR25: "Cruise Ship to the Stars").

Image: BR25 - Mark of the Saurian - A Saurian Adjusts Its Wrist Imager .png

Caption: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "Mark of the Saurian" aired this day, 5 February, in 1981 CE. A Saurian agent, replacing Major Elif, adjusts its wrist imager after it kills the original Elif (BR25: "Mark of the Saurian").

Image: BR25 - Col. Deering with Personalized Variant Helmet on Draconia.png

Caption: Col. Wilma Deering's special variant helmet, seen only intermittently (BR25Film, "Awakening")

Image: BR25 - Olympiad - The 2492 Olympiad.png

Caption: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "Olympiad" aired this day, 7 February, in 1980 CE. A view of the 2492 Olympiad (BR25: "Olympiad").

Image: BR25 - Awakening - Explosion in Draconia's Launch Bay Illuminate Soundstage.png

Caption: An explosion in Draconia's launch bay illuminates the blackened walls of the soundstage (BR25Film, "Awakening"). See: Continuity errors#Awakening for more.

Image: BR25 - Awakening - Buck and Tigerman No. 2 Tussle.png

Caption: William "Buck" Rogers and Tigerman tussle on Draconia's launch bay (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Image: BR25 - Hatchet Fighters Tow Ranger 3.png

Caption: A trio of Hatchet fighters flank Ranger 3 as they tow it to Draconia's landing bay with their conjoined tractor beams (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Image: BR25 - Dr. Huer Before the Computer Council.png

Caption: Dr. Elias Huer presents Col. Wilma Deering's plan to verify William "Buck" Rogers's alibi to the Computer Council (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Image: BR25 - Delta Section Operative.png

Caption: An unnamed Delta Section Operative at her station when William "Buck" Rogers's singing comes through on the lower band transmission channels (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Image: BR25 - Draconian Launch Channel.png

Caption: A clear, unobstructed view of Draconia's launch channel (BR25Film, "Awakening"). It is later re-used as an Earth Defense Directorate launch channel in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "Planet of the Slave Girls".

Image: BR25 - A Dream of Jennifer - Buck Unwraps His Gift from Jennifer.png

Caption: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "A Dream of Jennifer" aired this day, 14 February, in 1980 CE. William "Buck" Rogers unwraps his gift from Jennifer, just before leaving on his ill-fated flight on Ranger 3 (BR25: "A Dream of Jennifer").

Image: BR25 - Ball Dance at Ardala's Reception.png

Caption: The ball dance at Princess Ardala's reception (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Image: BR25 - Capt. Rogers with Personalized Variant Helmet.png

Caption: Capt. William "Buck" Rogers with his personalized variant helmet, only seen in intermittent combat scenes during the Pirate Attack on Draconia (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Image: BR25 - Kane in Escape from Wedded Bliss.png

Caption: Kane (Michael Ansara) as seen in Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "Escape from Wedded Bliss".

Image: BR25 - Supervisor 14 - Awakening.png

Caption: An unnamed Earth Defense Directorate officer, referred to by his callsign of Supervisor 14, at a nearby observation station when William "Buck" Rogers's singing comes through on the lower band transmission channels (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Image: BR25 - The Golden Man - Velis Awakens in the Medical Bay.png

Caption: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "The Golden Man" aired this day, 19 February, in 1981 CE. Hawk, William "Buck" Rogers and Dr. Goodfellow speak to Velis in the medical bay after recovering Velis' capsule (BR25: "The Golden Man").

Image: BR25 - Rogers' Apartment - Living Area.png

Caption: William "Buck" Rogers, Wilma Deering and Elias Huer seated in the living area in his 25th century accommodations (BR25: "Awakening").

Image: BR25 - Space Rockers - Buck Meets Musicians from the Band Andromeda.png

Caption: Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "Space Rockers" aired this day, 21 February, in 1980 CE. Seen here is William "Buck" Rogers who meets with three of the musicians who comprise the band Andromeda in their recording studio aboard Music World (BR25: "Space Rockers").

Image: BR25 - Stargate with Vortex.png

Caption: A fully open stargate generating a vortex, through which a craft either enters or exits.

Image: BR25 - Draconia's Forward Fork - Ardala's Launch.png

Caption: Ardala's Launch leaves from a bay in Draconia's forward fork (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Image: BR25 - Mark of the Saurian - Saurian Delegation.png

Caption: William "Buck" Rogers is shown a recording of a Saurian delegation in talks with representatives of Earth (BR25: "Mark of the Saurian").

Image: BR25 - Old Chicago Shopping Mall.png

Caption: Incongruent tropical-motif signage for the Old Chicago Shopping Mall in 2492 (BR25: "A Dream of Jennifer").

Image: BR25 - Awakening - Buck, Twiki and Theo's Escape from Draconia.png

Caption: William "Buck" Rogers, Twiki and Dr. Theopolis cram into the back seat of Wilma Deering's Thunderfighter, making their escape from Draconia before its destruction (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Image: BR25 - Draconia's bridge featuring Kane, Ardala, and Tigerman.png

Caption: Kane, Princess Ardala, a Draconian warrior and Tigerman on Draconia's bridge, where Kane reveals his plan for William "Buck" Rogers to Ardala (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Image: BR25 - Tigerman at Reception - Awakening.png

Caption: Tigerman keeping an eye on Princess Ardala as William "Buck" Rogers brings her to the dance floor (BR25Film, "Awakening").

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