Ryma's brother

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Ryma's brother
[[Image:|200px|Ryma's brother]]
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Birth place Vistula
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Introduced Planet of the Slave Girls
Death Killed by Julio, 2491 CE
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Siblings At least 1 sister, Ryma
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Role Laborer at Processing Plant 347
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Ryma's brother in the separate continuity
Ryma's brother in the primary continuity
[[Image:|200px|Ryma's brother]]

Ryma's brother[1] is a Vistulan born into a life of slavery under Kaleel. During his tenure as a laborer, he worked at Processing Plant 347, and was part of a loose resistance against Kaleel — as he, like his sister Ryma, was immune to Kaleel's influence.

In 2491 CE, he uncovers Kaleel's means of poisoning shipments of food discs meant for New Chicago at Plant 347. He informs Ryma that he uncovered something, but not its full nature before he is killed by Julio. Ryma later confides what she knows from her brother to William "Buck" Rogers, who directs his efforts in investigating the aforementioned processing center, much to Julio's chagrin.

Kaleel later attempts to blame Ryma for her brother's death before Stella Warden, which fails (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").


  1. This is a Buck Wiki descriptive term.