Processing Plant 347

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Nomad workers enter the processing plant (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").

Processing Plant 347 is one of Vistula's many agricultural processing plants.

In 2491 CE, 347 is tasked with processing food for New Chicago, more specifically the Earth Defense Directorate's pilot corps. Integrating poison into the food packaging, Kaleel's followers are able to circumnavigate the Food Directorate's standard safety inspections, a fact later uncovered by Ryma's brother.

On the first night of his arrival on Vistula, William "Buck" Rogers is told about the processing plant by Ryma, and Rogers infiltrates the plant to uncover what Ryma's brother had previously discovered. Despite a tussle with the nomad workers on duty, Rogers recovers a sample of the poisoned food packaging and gives it to Maj. Fields for the Science Directorate's investigation (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").