Toban Saroyan

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Toban Saroyan
Toban Saroyan
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Portrayed by Roddy McDowall
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Toban Saroyan in the separate continuity
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I don't understand. Where have all of our guests gone? Colonel Deering, Major Fields, Major Danton, even that boorish Captain Rogers, where have they gone?
You really don't know what's going on here, do you?
I've tried to tell you for years: about Kaleel, the way he exploits the nomads, how he makes them hate the very sound of your name.
[holds up a finger] Now I have a job to do. And I've always tried to do the best I could.
We've been through all this before, father. You never listen! Not really. Oh, Julio you listen to. Julio, whose first loyalty is to Kaleel. But never to me. You never listen to your own son.

 — Toban Saroyan and his son, Regis Saroyan, rehash an old argument regarding the conditions on Vistula, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "Planet of the Slave Girls"

Governor Toban Saroyan is the Earth-born leader of the planet Vistula in 2491 CE, a position he has held since on or about 2480 CE[1] representing the Earth Federation's Food Directorate.

During his reign, his son Regis relocates to Earth to enter the Earth Defense Directorate's pilot training program, as part of the rift between them. Regis continually advocates for the slaves—human nomads from the Sea of Stone—to be treated like equals, while the elder Saroyan remains unswayed by such advocacy in lieu of riches and the advisements of his aide de camp, Julio.

Unbeknownst to Saroyan, Julio was in league with Kaleel, the ruler and slave trader of the Vistulan nomads, all to set Saroyan up as the straw-man enemy of the nomads. Over time and unbeknownst to Saroyan, Kaleel's power base grew and he began acquiring the military might to deploy his will: to conquer and rule over Earth. This culminates in using the nomads, who virtually have the run of the Governor's Statehouse, to employ poisoned food discs against the Defense Directorate's pilot corps in New Chicago.

Following the intervention of Capt. William "Buck" Rogers, Col. Wilma Deering, Maj. Fields, and Maj. Duke Danton, Saroyan realizes the truths that his son tried to communicate over the course of many years. Saroyan, whose first instinct is to quit out of a professed inability to fix the issues on Vistula, reconsiders this lesser instinct after buoyed by the support of his son and future daughter-in-law, the Vistulan nomad Ryma (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").


  1. In dialogue, Wilma Deering tells William "Buck" Rogers that each term is seven years in length, and Saroyan is on his third term.