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For the character from "A Dream of Jennifer", see: Leila Markeson.
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Birth place Vistula
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Introduced Planet of the Slave Girls
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Marital Status Widowed
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Role Laborer in the Sea of Stone, devout follower of Kaleel
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Portrayed by June Whitley Taylor
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Leila in the separate continuity
Leila in the primary continuity

Leila[1] is a Vistulan born into a life of slavery under Kaleel, and brainwashed into believing that her lot in life is due to the Terrans.

In 2491 CE, during a rousing speech by Kaleel warning of the dangers of unbelievers amongst them, she outs her husband in front of the congregation. Kaleel exploits the opportunity not only to prove his point, but to demonstrate his power of the "Kiss of God," leaving her a widow and blind to how she has been manipulated by Kaleel (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").


  1. The spelling for her name is derived from the episode's subtitles.