Kaleel's Guard

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Kaleel's Guard
Kaleel's Guard
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Birth place Vistula
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Introduced Planet of the Slave Girls
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Portrayed by Don Maxwell
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Kaleel's Guard in the separate continuity
Kaleel's Guard in the primary continuity
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An unnamed person from Kaleel's guard[1] is born into a life of slavery under Kaleel and is one of the many guards within Kaleel's fortress in the Sea of Stone

As Kaleel and Stella Warden head through hallways en route to Kaleel's cruiser, he stumbles into their path and tells Kaleel that Ryma and other workers, having stolen weapons and explosive, have begun their attack against those who follow Kaleel (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").


  1. This is a Buck Wiki descriptive term. The character is only credited as "Guard" in the episode.