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Introduced Planet of the Slave Girls
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Role Kaleel's lieutenant, saboteur, and spy in the Governor's Statehouse
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Portrayed by Don Marshall
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Julio in the separate continuity
Julio in the primary continuity

Julio is an undercover agent of Kaleel who keeps tabs on Governor Tabor Saroyan, acting as Saroyan's aide de camp and advisor, and has run of the Governor's Statehouse on Vistula.

In 2491 CE, Julio kills Ryma's brother, a worker at Processing Plant 347, to prevent him from divulging the full extent of Kaleel's poisoning of food discs to weaken Earth Defense Directorate fighter defenses.

Upon Regis Saroyan's return from Earth, Julio becomes intensely suspicious of the presence of four officers from the Defense Directorate, and in doing so has Ryma assigned to Rogers as a pleasure girl. This ends up being a mistake, as Ryma tells Rogers about her brother's suspicions and subsequent death regarding the processing and distribution plant.

Julio discovers Ryma's duplicity and Rogers' subsequent exploits, abducting Ryma and, later, Col. Wilma Deering who attempts to free Ryma. Julio has them loaded on a morning shuttle to the Sea of Stone, and Rogers is able to track Deering using the radio directional finder functionality in the contamination detector wristband.

The fate of Julio is unknown in the aftermath of Kaleel's downfall following the Battle of Vistula (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").